Past Exhibitions

Gallery Artists 2023
December 4, 2022-February 4, 2023

Gallery Artists 2023 featured the works of local artists: Juanita Perez-Adelman, Judith Christiansen, Becky Cohen , Ellen Dieter, Kaori Fukuyama, William Gullette, Paul Henry, Anne Mudge, Norma Pizarro, Gail Schneider, Lynne Schuette, and Cheryl Tall

September 11, 2022-November 6, 2022

Feminist Image Group (FIG) is a coalition of artists who meet to organize exhibitions, discuss art, see exhibitions, and support one another in our careers. We promote an inclusive worldview that allows all voices. As friends, we aid each other in our creative and curatorial endeavors.

Featured artists: Kirsten Aaboe, Irene Abraham, Judith Christensen, Nilly Gill, Stacie Birky Greene, Lisa Hutton, Linda Litteral, Kathy Nida, Kim Niehans, Ann Olsen, Susan Osborn, Judith Parenio, Terrilynn Quick, Helen Redman, Bridget Rountree, Amanda Saint Claire, Jennifer Spencer, Anna Stump, Ruth Wallen and Cindy Zimmerman.

Boundaries and Connection
May 15, 2022-July 30, 2022

PHES Gallery exhibition featuring the selected works of architectural artist Alvaro Alvarez, multi-disciplinary artist Kaori Fukuyama, and artist and designer Kline Swonger.

Three-Person Exhibition: Diana Carey, Bruce Munter, and Paul Henry
March 13, 2022-April 30, 2022

PHES Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition highlighting the work of three San Diego artists: painter Diana Carey, mixed media artist Bruce Munter, and furniture maker and PHES Gallery co-owner Paul Henry. The Three-Person Exhibition will be on display through Saturday, April 30, 2022.

December 5, 2021-February 12, 2022

“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand – and melting like a snowflake.”

Francis Bacon

Ellen Speert, co-owner of PHES Gallery curated “Impermanence” based on the beauty and pain we see in the world. Four amazing artists have created works reflecting life’s transitory nature.

Featured Artists: Andres Amador, Michelle Kurtis Cole, Wendy Maruyama, and Kathi McCord. Special events from the Monks from the Gaden Shartse Monastery

Allied Craftsmen of San Diego:
Selected Works
September 16, 2021-November 20, 2021

September 16-November 20, 2021

This contemporary craft exhibition highlights the work of 16 talented local craftsmen. ACSD members use materials such as clay, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, mixed media, and wood, to create unique works of art., craftsmen, painters, mixed media artists, and photographers from San Diego County. Since its inception in 1947, Allied Craftsmen of San Diego remains one of the oldest continuously operating craft guilds in the country.

Featured Artists:
David Browne (metal), Levi Casias (clay), Judith Christensen (mixed media), Ellen Fager (clay), Arline Fisch (jewelry), Polly Giacchina (fiber), Paul Henry (wood), William Leslie and Allesandra Colfi (mixed media), Viviana Lombrozo (fiber), Wendy Maruyama (wood), Kathleen Mitchell (glass), Kathy Nida (fiber), Norma Pizarro (mixed media), Gail Schneider (mixed media), Cheryl Tall (clay).

Greater San Diego County Artists

Greater San Diego County Artists
July 16, 2021-September 4, 2021

The work of 11 celebrated professional sculptors, craftsmen, painters, mixed media artists, and photographers from San Diego County.

Featured Artists: Doris Bittar, Becky Cohen, William Gullette, Paul Henry, William Leslie and Alessandra Colfi, Anne Mudge, Bruce Munter, Lynn Schuette, Ellen Speert, and Cheryl Tall