Featured Artists

Bruce Dean

Geranos by Bruce Dean

Bruce has worked as an exhibiting abstract artist; editorial, corporate and advertising illustrator and international poster artist for over forty years. As an illustrator he received a silver medal from The Society of Illustrators and numerous awards of merit from national and international publications. His fine art posters and illustrations have been featured in numerous books and magazines. He has participated in over thirty solo and group gallery exhibitions nation-wide.

Paul Henry

As a furniture maker, I know that the story often begins with me. As a craftsman who also works with antiques, I am aware that the story is already there, embedded in the objects that I am asked to restore. I delight in discovering the marks of the original maker, the evidence of the owner’s love or neglect, the impromptu repairs, the record of everyday use. Good furniture lasts for generations, carrying with it the visible memories of all who have used it. I have great respect for the tradition that created these objects. My own designs often incorporate antique parts, salvage, found objects – elements that contribute a sense of history to each new piece. I enjoy the playful interplay of the old with the new, the traditional with the unexpected, creating furniture that is unique and unrepeatable.

Bridget Rountree

BlahBlahBlah by Bridget Rountree

My art practice addresses the deep structures of power, money, hunger, and creativity, and in so doing, seeks to be useful. For me, the making of art is not only a practice, but also a service: a deconstruction of current knowledge systems and the posing of alternatives. Thus I seek to question the prioritization of western Enlightenment thinking and the celebration of reason, by seeking to uncover alternate imaginative realms that have been suppressed, conquered, and rendered voiceless through the hierarchical preference for the rational.

Susan Savory

Whinchat Stonechat by Susan Savory

I haunt yard sales and flea markets, pursuing discarded histories – shoe box coffins filled with remnants of other people’s dead relatives. I collect and reuse discarded objects; photographs and letters, books and ephemera. I remake these with collage and paint, listening to the ghost voices of my subjects and piecing together narratives for them as I go. The use of materials with existing histories enforces the awareness of a connection to the transient nature of all things. Layered with imagery, redolent of experience and longing, it is my hope that this work will evoke real life and personal histories past and present.