Past Events

Artist Talk: a conversation with Bruce Dean, Paul Henry,
Bridget Rountree, and Susan Savory

October 14, 2023

On Saturday, October 14 at 5 p.m., PHES Gallery hosted an artist talk, moderated by Ellen Speert, with the four featured artists of “…a sense of place…” We enjoyed an evening of engaging and inspiring conversation. with Bruce Dean, Paul Henry, Bridget Rountree, and Susan Savory.

Story Quilts Ekphrastic Poetry Reading

June 25, 2023

In May, the PHES Gallery invited the public to join them for a creative dive into ekphrastic poetry – poetry is written in response to one (or more) of the artworks in “Story Quilts.” These powerful contemporary art quilts inspired over 50 poems. Please spend a few moments enjoying the ten winning poems by the Story Quilt Ekphrastic Poetry Winners: Robert O’Sullivan’s “Brick and Steel, Glass and Sky” Amanda Leigh Mattimoe “The Path Through Memory….” “Our Histories are a Collage” Jean Taddonio “Blue Jelly” “Green Eye Got the Prize” Carole F. Stabler “Why I Stopped Going To The Gym” Jeffrey Bettger “What Remains Under the Layers” “Three Empty Vessels” Joanne Sharp “Rousseau’s Beasts” and Elizabeth Nash “Life Raft Earth

Please enjoy this blog post article from Fiber Art Now: Story Quilts and Poetry at PHES Gallery.

Artist Talk: a conversation with Lynn Schuette

January 8, 2023

Lynn discussed Still Life, her recent series that uses painting as a way to address social issues and upends what a still life painting can be. The second installation in the series “Still Life #2 (for Uvalde)” was on view at PHES Gallery and included 19 paintings. Lynn spoke of her research, work process and previous related work.

The second installation in the series “Still Life #2 (for Uvalde)” (#1-5 shown) is currently on view at the PHES and includes 19 paintings.

Buddhism Week at the PHES

November 28-December 2, 2022

PHES Gallery was honored to host the Monks of Gaden Shartse Phukhang Monastery for five-days as part of their 2022 Sacred Art of Tibet tour. Buddhist Week commenced with an opening ceremony with music and chanting to consecrate the site for the sacred sand mandala. The week-long schedule included meditations, lectures, hands-on experiences, and more. The last day concluded with a Dissolution Ceremony where the monks swept up the mandala and released the sand into the ocean.

Artist Talk: a conversation with Irene Abraham, Cindy Zimmerman, Kathy Nida,
and Stacie Birky Greene

October 2, 2022

PHES Gallery welcomes ‘Portals’ artists and FIG members to speak of what ‘portals” means to them and their art. Moderated by Gallery co-owner Ellen Speert.

The PHES Crafts Festival

July 9, 2022

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of our art gallery in Carlsbad, we are sponsoring a one-day pop-up arts and crafts festival! There will be booths of crafts to buy, two live jazz musical groups, and a fashion show. Arts and Crafts Artists: Jewelry Lynne Merchant Lauren Lee Cherry Cheena Sharma Susan Watts Diann Abadie Sculpture Kathryn Lepry Luis Murguia Grace Swanson Neurographics Elena Kovalenko Ceramics Tariq Johnson Elizabeth Mueller Glass Bob Petrello Logan Groupé Woodwork Scott Gressitt Paul Henry Textiles Renata Reid Suzanne Knight Doshi Angel Brown Painting Paige Perkins Linda Bounds Kay Kaplan Sean Hnedak

Artist Talk: a conversation with Andres Amador

June 12, 2022

“Being a curious boy by nature, I get excited about what the process of creating art can reveal – and how the work becomes alive and has a will of its own. I paint with ink because I relate to its materiality’s innate emotion and flexibility to conform to any formal rigor. Ink being liquid, it has a mind of its own; a quality which I respect in and out of my studio. Loaded with pigment, ink’s free-will grants it a human quality, and portrays the strength and power of its color.”

“Grounded Bounderies”
“Pendant II”
“Background Shadow”

Artist Talk: a conversation with Diana Carey

May 1, 2022

“Using sticks and brushes to splash, throw, and splatter numerous layers of acrylic paint onto a large supine canvas, I try to evoke the essence of a subject, taking care with my accuracy not to overly emphasize the image and thus minimize the process. Each tiny splash of paint, each throw, chaotic yet cohesive, contributes to the substance that reads as organic subjects.”

“Try for the Sun”
“Bodega Bay”

Impermanence Events

December 5, 2021-February 13, 2022

February 12
Artist talk with Andres Amador

Andres Amador is a Northern California-based artist. His artwork can span over 100,000 sq. ft. achievable during low tide. His artworks do not last long -within minutes of finishing a piece, and often while still in progress, the returning tide resetting the canvas.

December 11
Dissolution Ceremony

Upon completion of the sand mandala, the monks purposely destroyed the magnificent work of art. In upholding the principle that life is transient, the monks swept up the mandala and placed the sand into the ocean as an offering to purify the surrounding environment.
December 8-11,
Creation of Sand Mandala

Over a five-day period, the Tibetan Buddhist Monks from Gaden Sharste Monastery worked on creating a Sacred Sand Mandala at PHES Gallery.
December 8
Dharma Teaching

“Death is certain and the time of death is uncertain. Before one faces death, one must be well-practiced and prepared. Buddha Shakyamuni taught, “the nature of all compounded phenomena is one of impermanence.”

Artist Talks with Greater San Diego County Artists

June 24-September 5, 2021

September 3
Artist talk with Ann Mudge

Ann Mudge often employs labor-intensive collaborations with materials and processes to reference living forms and systems. She has a passion for the environment and a belief that opening pathways to experiencing it is critical to our wellbeing. Her aim is to awaken senses to the multiplicities of colors and sounds and textures that too often escape our notice within our cloistered human surroundings.
August 27
Artist talk with PaperSun Lightsculptures

In 1976, William Leslie apprenticed to Stephen White, an architect who had developed a unique form of ‘lightsculpture’ made from thin strips of wood bent into a frame then covered with paper soaked in polyvinyl resin and internally by incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. In 2006, William’s wife Alessandra Colfi, an eclectic mixed-media artist and Expressive Arts Therapist, joined him in creating their LightSculptures together.
July 23
Artist Talk with Becky Cohen

Becky Cohen, photographer, and filmmaker has been exhibited, collected, published, and aired widely, both nationally and internationally. Her still photographic work has concentrated on historically important gardens, the unclothed human figure, portraits of artists, and, for the past several years, the sky.