Past Events

September 2021

Array by Anne Mudge

Artist Talk with Anne Mudge

Friday, September 3

She often employs labor-intensive collaborations with materials and processes to reference living forms and systems. She has a passion for the environment and a belief that opening pathways to experiencing it is critical to our wellbeing. Her aim is to awaken senses to the multiplicities of colors and sounds and textures that too often escape our notice within our cloistered human surroundings.

August 2021

Artist Talk with William Leslie and Alessandra Colfi

Friday, August 27

In 1976, William Leslie apprenticed to Stephen White, an architect who had developed a unique form of ‘lightsculpture’ made from thin strips of wood bent into a frame then covered with paper soaked in polyvinyl resin and internally by incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. In 2006, William’s wife Alessandra Colfi, an eclectic mixed-media artist and Expressive Arts Therapist, joined him in creating their LightSculptures together.

July 2021

Allée to the Lost Cascade by Becky Cohen

Artist Talk with Becky Cohen

Friday, July 23

The work of Becky Cohen, photographer, and filmmaker, has been exhibited, collected, published, and aired widely, both nationally and internationally. Her still photographic work has concentrated on historically important gardens, the unclothed human figure, portraits of artists, and, for the past several years, the sky.

Artist Talk with Becky Cohen (recorded 7/23 at PHES Gallery)