Current Exhibition

Allied Craftsmen of San Diego

September 24 – November 20, 2021

This contemporary craft exhibition highlights the work of 16 talented craftsmen using varying media to create unique works of art.

Featured Artists:
David Browne (metal)
Levi Casias (clay)
Judith Christensen (mixed media)
Ellen Fager (clay)
Arline Fisch (jewelry)
Polly Giacchina (fiber)
Paul Henry (wood)
William Leslie and Allesandra Colfi
(mixed media)
Viviana Lombrozo (fiber)
Wendy Maruyama (wood)
Kathleen Mitchell (glass)
Kathy Nida (fiber)
Norma Pizarro (mixed media)
Gail Schneider (mixed media)
Cheryl Tall (clay).

Allied Craftsmen of San Diego mission is to “present to the public the work of the finest contemporary artists of the region who work in craft media, to foster communication between those artists, and to contribute to a broader community appreciation of contemporary craft by sponsoring and supporting presentations that are made available to students and the public.”